Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 4, Thursday July 31st. REST DAY... 12 days left until I step on to the mat in Beijing.

Today is rest day, we have had 3 days of working out hard and trying to get used to the time change, so today we have a little rest from Judo. We still however decided to play some Soccer against the Swiss team, who is also training here before heading over to china. The Game was about 1 hour long, and Canada won 5 -2. It was tied with 25sec left in the first half when I got a break away pass and scored to put my team up by one at the half, we never looked back and went on to score two more times. :P. Can anyone let me know if this qualifies us for the world cup?? Hahaha. Oh yeah and it was 6 on 6 soccer.

After soccer, we were pretty drained from all the sun so we watched the rest of Carlitos way, and decided to just hang out around the dorms for the afternoon. We didn’t get up to much, some of the guys took a nap and the rest did the regular - ping pong, and sun tanning outside. Other than that, not much exciting happened. Mike found his can opener which he thought someone stole, turns out he put it in the fridge, but at least he found it. Well it is a short one today, not too much went on. Talk to everyone later

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