Monday, July 28, 2008

Day one Japan – Monday, July 28th 15 days left until the big show

5:12 am and my eyes shot open. I tried to fall back to sleep but it was too late I was already awake, as I looked around the room I notice I wasn’t alone and within 10min everyone was up, well except Frazer(60kg) he tried to fight waking up, as he rolled around on the floor I started to laugh a bit, but I had to respect the fact that he wanted to sleep a little bit more so I tried to be as quiet as possible. You might be wondering why I said Frazer was sleeping on the floor, well as a matter of fact everyone is sleeping on the floor – we are in what is called a Tatami room, which is basically a traditional Japanese room. The room is one big open space, there are five of us in the room. Keith Morgan our 100kg Player, Sasha Mehmedovic our 66kg player, next is Frazer Will our 60kg player, myself and our training partner Mike Popiel who is also 66kg. You might think that it would be uncomfortable but we do have air mattresses which we brought from Canada so its basically like camping out with your buddies.

Today we had a morning “training” which was a soccer game, but it wasnt your normal soccer game as it is 37degrees here in Japan, without the humidity. So I would say its about 40plus degrees... which I can tell you is not very comfortable to train in. After the 40min soccer game we had lost about 2.5 kg of water weight, even with drinking. Todays goal was to stay awake all day or until 9:30 at least so that we could all get used to the time change faster, because if I fall a sleep when ever I want to it will defiantly take more then a couple days to get used to the time.

They say that for every hour that the time changes it takes one full day to get used to it. Japan is 13 hours ahead of Canada so it is suppose to take 13 days to be fully used to the time change.

After our morning training the boys went on a little aventure to find a grocery store, which took about 30min (one way)to find, by the time I got there, finished my shopping and got back to the dorms I was soaked with sweat and in need of another shower. At 5:00pm today we had our first judo training in Japan. The Budo university Judo team is on vaction or at home because it is summer time now, so we are just training with our sleves which is more then enough with 10 people in total who make our team. 5 Athletes, 2 Coches, 2 training partners and 1 manager.

Todays practice was of course hot and tiring because of the time change and well it did not go as well as I wanted the first one to go, but I thought about it afterwards and I shouldn’t expect to be 100% right away, im hoping to be back to my 100% by Thursday. Tonight I made some spaghetti with meat sauce, nothing special but I was tired and hungary so I didn’t really care. We have dont have very many pots or pans here so I had to actually cook the spaghetti in an "old school" metal tea pot... it actually worked great.. After dinner I just relaxed and watched a movie, and by 9:15 I was out.

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