Friday, September 5, 2008

Aug 23rd – Picking up the suit

Today we went back to the silk market to pick up our tailor made suits, which kinda back fired because they were not ready just yet, so the trip over was kind of pointless, oh well – we can’t complain too much, because the prices are crazy good. After going to the silk market it was back to the apt buildings to take a nap because tonight was going to be the last big night out for everyone. After waking up we got dressed and headed off to a club called GT banana, which I must say is a pretty nice club, the only bad part was the music was the loudest I have ever heard in a club, but I guess I got used to it. Tonight was an all or nothing night – we went out with about 50 Canadians and also some other countries ended up coming along as well. When we got there we got a huge vip area on the top floor looking over the dance floor, which was below. Frazer, Keith and myself decided to order a couple of bottles and pretend to be high rollers for the night, which is not very hard in china because everything is so cheap lol.. either way the Canadians rocked that club – we ended up being the center of attention and it turned out to be a pretty fun night. The club actually has a bouncing dance floor, so it kinda jumps up and down, they also had some crazy bubbles that were going into the crowd, most of the Canadians were just happy sitting up top and relaxing but it was pretty fun to watch. Plus it was also packed down on the dance floor so we actually didn’t end up going down there. After the night started to wrap up we headed back to the village and went to bed, but only after hitting up the 24hr cafeteria :P

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