Friday, September 5, 2008

Aug 24 Last day – closing ceremony

Today we slept in and woke up around noon, and well actually headed back to the Silk market again to finally pick up our suits, after trying the suits on and seeing what they looked like we were finally happy. After that it was back to the village to get ready for the closing ceremonies. As everyone knows we had some funny looking pyjama type closing ceremony outfits, but we had fun with it and rocked them like super stars lol.:P, I think my favourite part was the headband/ bandana :S. Anyways everyone met outside of the apt buildings and took pictures, talked a little and basically just waited until we left for the birds nest one last time. The closing ceremonies for me were not as fun and emotional as the opening because well when you walk into the opening ceremonies you really get that feeling, that says – WOW I am an Olympian. For me the closing ceremonies were a time to think about the Olympics and well – it really made me think that I want to be back in 4 years and I want to win in 4 years. The Olympics is defiantly a special event, and I am very happy to have been a part of it, but I won’t be happy in 4 years if I am just a part of it, my goal going into the games will be GOLD, and only GOLD – I will be happy with a podium, but Gold is just so much sweeter, because you get to hear your national anthem! Anyways at closing we went around and got pictures with some of the famous people like Yao Ming and of course some more with other team mates, after the Closing it was back to the village. I actually went out with everyone, but ended up coming back like 15min after being in the club because I was soo tired and just not in the mood to stay out. Yes everyone was calling me names because I went back :P.

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