Monday, September 22, 2008

First week Home – Perth homecoming

The first week back in Canada was great! I relaxed, worked out a bit. I had some time to think about my game plan for the upcoming season – what my goals are etc. But before I got a chance to do all that I actually had to head back to Perth for the Olympians Homecoming – which was the DAY AFTER I got home!! When I first heard about it, I really didn’t think I was going to feel like getting off a plane and then drive home for a homecoming. Well I am so glad that I did, the homecoming was amazing, the afternoon started off with a press conference at cods mill – which had about 4 camera crews, and some local reporters asking all of the Olympians some different questions. If you don’t know the four Olympians they are Silver medalist Ian Miller, Hammer thrower – Sultana, Swimmer
- Mike Brown, and Myself.

After the press conference was done it was down to the mustang convertibles to get our drive around the town. Two of us per car, and we sat on the back of the trunk like the beauty queens lol. We actually waved to everyone as the police escort took us towards the crystal palace. So far so good I thought – we all had no idea about what we were going to see, there must have been 1500 people waiting to greet us home. They were cheering and clapping, was a great feeling to be welcomed home like that! After the cars stopped we worked our way through the greeting crowd and onto the stage to talk to everyone who came to welcome us home. After all of us said a few words it was off to sign autographs, which only took about 2 and1/2 hours lol. None the less it was an awesome event! Which will be even better in 2012 when all of us bring home medals!

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