Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Ready for my first comp. after the games.

So just a short post to update people who are checking the site out, I will be back in competition on the 5th of Oct, here in Montreal at the Rendez Vous canada.. which is basically our Canadian open. So far there are a lot of good quality players from around the world entered and it should be a great event.

As for me, my training is getting back to normal. To be honest it took me awhile before I actually felt like training again. I put so much effort into training and getting ready for the games that I was a little burnt out afterwards.

These next two weeks leading up to the Canadian Open I will be going at 100%, im not going to take anytime off before the tournament because for me the goal is to continue training until the world cup in feb.

Well like I said just a short update, off to take my nap. :P...

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