Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aug 12th – Day After my tournament

On this morning when I woke up, I had a sort of calm feeling. I knew that it wasn’t a bad dream that I woke up from but reality – I failed to place at the Olympic Games, which kinda sucked. I didn’t do that much on this day, I was still trying to get over the loss, and trying to get some answers as to why I thought I lost and to what I could have done differently in my match. As I thought about it more it honestly come down to being one of those fights that I did everything I needed to do to put myself in position to win but ended up with the loss. As most people know isn’t always about winning - HAHA just kidding, everyone who knows me personally was probably thinking “this can’t be coming out of Nicks mouth” because winning for me is the only thing that matters – you play the game to win! And at the next Olympics I will be there to win, just like I will be at every tournament leading up to those games – TO WIN.

Anyways I went over to the tournament to watch the 81kg Category which was really awesome, so many upsets and so many great players who just couldn’t get it done. For some people it was the best day of their lives. The winner of the 81kg title Bishof(spelling) won his first Olympic medal which was also his first major international title – he is 30 yrs old and now he gets to retire with an Olympic Gold medal – you can only imagine what it must feel like to stand on top of the podium and receive a gold medal – not only that but get to hear your national anthem playing to the world. Wow I just got goose bumps thinking about it, and whenever I see someone win one or even just imagine myself winning is just the most amazing feeling – one day I want to stand up there and hear my national anthem!. Well after that it was back to the Village to get some food and well have our first night out!

Anyways we decided to check out some of the local Beijing areas for pubs and bars and finally decided on this “bar district” – which was pretty much where a lot of the Fournier’s were heading, so it seemed to be the best place. Anyways after hitting up some of the local bars and watching some Chinese dancers/signers try to sign some English songs we decided to go check out china doll, which is supposed to be one of the top club/pub areas around.

Oh yeah before I forget everything here in china is negotiable, meaning u can deal for anything in this country -including the price of beer at the bars. There are guys standing outside the bars saying - I give you best price - ssshhhhh lol. Anyways it’s a lot of fun! After checking out china doll and drinking our pains away we decided to head over to this hip hop club with the USA guys – by this time it was already 4am, but we decided we might as well go check it out :P... just as we thought it ended up being pretty much the same as the other clubs we went too, so after awhile of being there we headed back home. At least we got home in time for the sun to come up.

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