Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aug 19th – Visit from Dad and sister to the village

So today was a pretty relaxed day because I actually ended up getting my Dad and sister some day passes to come into the village, which is pretty hard to get because so many people try and come in, and there are only a certain amount of people allowed in the village at one time – for security reasons. Anyways so I slept in and woke up around 10am, went and got some breakfast and then pretty much just hung out and played some video games, watched some sports on TV until my Dad got to the village around 2pm. Once my dad and sister got into the village I took them around the sights and showed they where everything is – Gym, Pool, Games room, internet cafe, Cafeteria, also where the international village is (where the dentist, doctors, hair salons are) and then back to where I stay and my apt building.

For people that don’t understand how big this place is, its pretty much a city inside the gates, I mean even my Dad asked me what was on the other side, like what’s over there he said – I said Dad, thats the rest of the village, its HUGE. Like 30,000 plus people in here all the time! Anyways so after we toured around we went to the cafeteria to eat an early dinner and then it was time to say good bye to the family, because they were leaving the next day. It was also time to go get ready, because tonight was CLUB BUD night!

Tonight at club bud it was starting to be the end of the games meaning it also started to get a little crowed, I mean before there were a lot of people that went out and into this club, but now that swimming and a lot of the sports are starting to finish up – CLUB BUD is the place to go, every 2nd night. Or at least start off at! Once inside we walked around a bit, met up with some people and eventually just chilled outside by the pool bar for most of the night. At one point we started to see a crowd of people around one person – hhhhmmmm I wondering who it could be – it was Micheal Phelps, now considered the best athlete in the history of the games, but to be honest, for me he is just another athlete who had a great tournament/competition! I mean don’t get me wrong I think he did something that no one else will ever do again, but he is just a regular guy with a @hit load of money now. If you haven’t heard Visa gave him a 2million dollar bonus because he took the 8 gold medals, well Speedo also gave him a bonus of one million dollars, not to mention he was making around 5 million a year prior to these games. Well what’s the saying, the rich just keep getting richer. HA nothing compares to what they are predicting he will make from endorsements this year. They are predicting 75 – 100 Million dollars in endorsements alone in the next year, if that isn’t crazy I don’t know what is. Anyways the night was pretty chilled, just hung out, met some new people and then went home. These Olympics like I said in my earlier blog are amazing in the sense of the infrastructure and how the games have run, but as for the after parties – well you kinda have to make your own (besides the Heineken house and club BUD) oh well we have been having an amazing time none the less.

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