Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aug 15th – Last day of Judo

Today we decided to hang out at the village because we were too lazy to go over to the venue to watch judo. We actually still ended up watching judo, it was just from a TV inside the village instead of at the actually venue. After we finished watching Judo we headed to the Landry place to pick up our clean clothes which by the way are crazy wrinkled every time! We then headed back to our beds for a pre-game nap. Tonight is the real start to the Olympic red carpet parties. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you probably just haven’t heard of all the big time corporate sponsored events, which I now know are pretty sweet deals. ie- sports illustrated party, and in this case the Budweiser party – this party is VIP only – so big names like Evander Holyfield and people like that are there. Oh and all the athletes can get people put on guest list as well. Anyways so as we come into the event there is actually a red carpet and stage where the athletes get their pictures taken and are kinda in the spot light - which is pretty cool.

Anyways inside everything is free!! Open bar, wooo haha – which everyone can imagine is crazy when you have athletes who are done competing, and thirsty.lol. When you come into the building it opens up to a common area with music and a bar and then to the left, down the hall is a huge dance floor. To the right it opens up yet again to another common area, with TVs, music – VIP seating and then when you go through that room you turn right and you can go outside where there is a pool, with cabana type seating areas and another bar, actually there are bars all over the place in there. Anyways around 3am it started to die down so we called it a night and headed back to the village to get some rest which was big time needed! We actually only got 4 hrs of sleep :S which was not good with the great wall tour we had planned for the next day

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