Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aug 13 – Judo

Today I woke up around 2pm!! Lol. The first night out kinda took a toll on us, but was defiantly needed – was awhile since the judo guys actually went “all” out on a night! After waking up we headed over to the tournament to check out the 90kg category, which actually ended up having (in my opinion) this biggest upset at the Olympics! Illiadis of Greece, who pretty much doesn’t lose, and well he actually ended up losing first round to the three time Olympic medalist from Holland – but the Dutch player failed to make the semi, meaning Illiadis, who was Olympic champion at the last games did not get a shot for the Bronze. Anyways other then Illiadis going out first round,today was not that exciting, after watching judo we headed back to the village – ate some dinner and headed to bed. I did not want to go out because I didn’t want to bother Keith, who was fighting the next day. Oh yeah we actually went to the Canada house for dinner with all the Canadian judo families which was pretty nice, the Canada house is actually amazing because everything is free, including the meals which are first class!

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