Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aug 6th. 2 days out of the opening ceremonies

So Today was pretty much the same as every other day, not too much new went on, after the games start and we go to the different venues to watch and well also compete, I think I will have more to say! But for now it’s same old. This morning I took off practice, to make sure that I will be fully rested for Monday, when it’s my turn to compete. After practice we walked around a bit and some of the guys on the team got there haircuts, I guess you can call it a little more team bonding, anyways the cool thing about that is that it is also free, so pretty much everyone at the games gets there hair cut, styled etc. at one time or another here in the Olympic village! After our time at the hair dresser we went to the games room and played a little foos ball, but after that it was back to the dorms to rest! Right now it is really important that we don’t stay outside to long because we do need to make sure we are getting lots of rest.

Today at the cafeteria the US men’s basketball team was walking around – they don’t stay in the athletes village because I guess they are too good, but they did come in to check it out, sign autographs, take pictures with people, stuff like that. Roger Federer (don’t know if I spelled that right) was also in the cafeteria today, of course you can only see the crowd around them but they were there.

Anyways other than that there was not too much that went on today, don’t worry guys the blogs will get better once the games start!

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