Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aug 20 - Rest Day

So today was kind of a rest day for me, I have been going out and having such long days/nights for the last week that my body was dying for some rest, so today I didn’t do anything! I woke up around 10am to get some breakfast with Keith and then went back to the dorms and fell back asleep until 3 in the afternoon, when I woke up I went down stairs to the internet cafe and checked my emails, and watched some of the sports on TV. While I was down there, 3 tickets became available to go watch the USA Basketball game, so I decided since I wasn’t doing anything all day, and was not planning on going out – I would go watch the game. It was the quarter final match with USA playing Austrailia – despite a close first half, the USA team ended up beating them by 35+ points, but it was still cool to see all the NBA superstars from the states – and of course get pictures etc. We had great seats too because we went inside with the New Zealand basketball team – don’t ask me how, we just did. So we were pretty much right on the court, so it was defiantly cool! Anyways after that we headed back to the dorms and went to bed. You guys are probably wondering why we haven’t gone to see any sights yet, besides the great wall – but we have it pretty much planned out – with what sports we are going to see, which nights we will go out etc, etc. Were gonna do the sights on the 25th.. or at least the forbidden city.

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