Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aug 17th - Day to myself

Today was one of the more relaxed days here in China; I woke up around 12 and went to get some breakfast by myself. Today we were suppose to go to a local judo club and meet some of the students and work out, but I was not in the mood to put my Gi on just yet. Some people might think – why not, well I to tell you the truth I just finished one of the longest training camps of my life, in preparation for the games, which ended up lasting well over 10 weeks straight, with no breaks, so I just wanted to just hang back and write some emails to people, watch some of the Olympics a bit and we’ll just have a day to myself.
Sasha ended up going to hang out with his parents so the only people who went were Frazer and Keith. Around 6pm Sasha came back to the village and we got ready to go out. We planned on meeting the boys later on at club bud anyways (which is only open every 2nd day).

Before heading over to club bud Sasha and I ended up heading over to the Canada house to chill out a bit and see my dad and sister. When we got there I ended up running into those friends from Kingston again so I invited them out to club bud, which they were totally stoked about. Once we got into the club, it was just a regular night, we hung out, had some drinks, just the regular. Tonight though I had a chance to hang out with Mike Brown, one of my long time friends who is also here competing in swimming(he ended up misses the bronze medal by less then .1of a second) anyways was nice to hang out with him because it has been forever since we got a chance to see each other. I try and stay in touch with as many as my old friends as I can but as everyone knows, people have their own lives to live and well you start to lose touch with people, and tats life sometimes. Anyways this night was a quick night , we ended up heading back to the dorms around 3am because I was again pretty tired and tonight for some reason they played some really bad music!!..

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I hope your still taking lots of pictures......and when do we get to see some???