Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aug 14th – Keith and Marylise go to work

Today we had two Canadians in action. Keith Morgan, in 100kg and Marylise in -78kg. Keith ended up winning his first match against Dominican and moved on to the 2nd round to face European bronze medalist Daniel Brata who is one of the more physical players in the 100kg category. The match actually only ended up being around 30sec, with Keith making a little mistake, opening up and allowing an attack from Brata, ending the match. That meant that Keith’s only shot an Olympic medal was in Bratas hands. This however did not work out as well as everyone wanted it too, because Brata lost the following match meaning Keith wasdone.

Marylise ended up having a buy meaning she only needed 4 wins for Gold. The day started off good with a win over Australia, however things took a turn for the worse in the quarter final match against the Chinese player, with Marylise losing by ippon. Coming back in the loser’s brackets, Marylise was actually winning her match against the Mongolian by a very large margin, but somehow ended up losing the fight, putting her out of the tournament as well. This match was one of the harder ones to take because she has such a huge lead on the other girl and still ended up with the loss. After the tournament it was back to the dorms to get ready for the Heineken house, which is hosted by the Dutch team (Netherlands). So anyways the men’s judo team, along with some of the Canadian fans who came over to cheer us on, went out o the Heineken house.

This night – which was suppose to be a quiet night ended up being a very loud and long one, after hanging out at the Heineken house until2am, listening to the number 2 ranked DJ in the world (I forget his name) anyways after that we decided to head over to a club called Suzy woos – when we got there however we ran into a problem – Frazer was wearing sandals with his jeans which was not allowed and Senko (Sashas brother) was wearing shorts which was also not allowed. I was kinda mad because Sasha and myself told Frazer to wear shoes just in case this happened. Anyways long story short, we came up with a solution – Frazer gave Senko his sandals (size 6) and Senko gave Frazer his shoes (size 11) lol. Oh ya it was very funny – the only bad thing was Senko had to head home, which he didn’t mind doing because it was pretty late and he was staying a good 45min away by taxi.

So we finally ended up getting in, which I now know was not such a good thing! As you can imagine from my last comment it was a late night, or should I say early! 7am early! Anyways when we finally left the club and headed back to the village – the sun had already came up, so it was kinda hard on the eyes... after that we headed to bed.

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